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Transmission of Media files

The following guide contains the necessary steps to be able to transmit media files using RTP (e.g. in the File->Transmit option of JMStudio) that are decoded using Fobs4JMF.

The main problem related to the transmission of media files using JMF is that an encoder supporting RTP packet output is required, but not present in the all-java version of the JMF distribution. However, the JMF performance pack for windows include some encoders that can be used to output such RTP packets allowing to transmit media files.

Note! The rest of this guide is only appropriate for windows users at the moment. Though Linux and Solaris have also their own performance packs, it has NOT been tested in any other platform than windows. If you try it with success (or not) in other platforms, please post your results in the forum.

Installing the performance pack

The performance pack for windows can be downloaded from the JMF official web. This package include a jmf.jar that does not differ from the one provided with Fobs. However, it installs some native libraries in the windows/system32 directory that are needed by some of the encoders. Without these libraries, the native encoders won¡t work, making it impossible to transmit media files.

The other file that differs (from the all_java JMF package) is the file. In this version of the file, all the native codecs are included to let JMF know about them.

Modifying the file to include Fobs4JMF

Once the performance pack is installed, look for the file in the installation directory. Copy this file into your Fobs folder (overwritting the old file). Then, follow the steps in the "Manual installation" section of the Configuration of Fobs4JMF page to add support again for Fobs4JMF classes.

Remember that the necessary encoders have a native part, available in the libraries installed by the JMF performance pack. Only those systems in which the performance pack has been installed will be able to properlly transmit media files!


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