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This page is the index to all documents related to Fobs & Fobs4JMF

Building Fobs & Fobs4JMF

Instruction for building Fobs & Fobs4JMF can be found here. Last update: 2008/06/15.

Using Fobs4JMF

Fobs4JMF can be difficult to get it working. The following collection of resources help to solve the most common issues that may appear using Fobs4JMF.

- First configuration of Fobs4JMF is explained here. Follow this link if this is the first time trying to use Fobs4JMF or if it does not work any more. Some tests are provided to ensure Fobs4JMF is properly installed. Last update: 2008/06/15.

- Transmission of media files using RTP. Last update: 2005/08/22.

- Fix sound in Windows/J2SE1.5. Read this if you do not get sound out of JMF using J2SE 1.5 and Windows. Last update: 2008/06/15.


You can find answers to the frequently asked questions here. Last update: 2005/08/22.

Additional Support

Feel free to use the fobs forum to get support from the developers and the rest fo the community. However, before you post anything:

- Be sure to browse all the documentation.

- Search in previous posts similar topics.

If you need to report problems with Fobs, please try to include as much as possible of the following information to help the community to find the causes:

- Processor (x86, x64, PPC, etc)

- OS (MacOSX, Linux, Win32, etc)

- Version of: J2SE, JMF, Fobs, Ffmpeg

- Version of any other relevant software (gcc if you are having problem building fobs, etc)

- Detailed description of the problem and error logs and messages

- Source code of the relevant parts

- Link to the media file producing the error


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