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FOBS is an object oriented wrapper for ffmpeg library. Build easily object oriented applications that work with MultiMedia files in multiplatform environments.

FOBS are Ffmpeg OBjectS. It is a set of object oriented APIs to deal with media. It relies in the ffmpeg library, but provides developers with a much simpler programming interface.

FOBS is currently available in C++. The Java API is being developed and the current version already includes a JMF plugin. It has been successfully tested in a range of platforms (Linux, MacOS X, Win32(MinGW)).

Simplify your media applications

The ffmpeg library offers a powerful solution to deal with media files in your applications. However, the C API offered by the library has a steeped learning curve for the developer. Fobs provides a way to by-pass such learning process by offering a more convenient API. Firstly, by providing an object oriented view of it. Initialization and release of ffmpeg resources is done automatically within the constructor and dedstructor methods. In addition, the number of methods is now very reduced and much clearer.



Fobs includes a preliminar version of java support as a JMF plugin. With it, JMF is able to open any file supported by ffmpeg in any platform supported by ffmpeg. Fobs4JMF add compatibility in JMF for a lot of new codecs and formats (ogg, theora, xvid, h264, etc). Open your .xvid, .ogg, etc. files with JMStudio or add support for more formats to your already coded JMF application without changing a line of code. The Fobs JMF PlugIn takes care of it all.


Share your improvements with the community

Fobs borns as a project to help development of multimedia applications. Initial objetives were to have a C++ and a Java API. Nevertheless, we will accept submissions and suggestions related to the code and the features.

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